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WAGO Terminal and Connector

NCE is the sole distributor of WAGO (Germany) terminal blocks and connectors in Hong Kong.

Wago Kontakttechnik GmbH (Germany) is the pioneer in spring clamp connection technology.
Since 1951, Wago has brought numerous innovative, vibration-proof, highly reliable terminals and connectors to the market, making maintenance of screw type terminals a thing of the past.

Wago Cage Clamp

Today, Wago has become an internationally renowned brand name in mission-critical connectors. Wago now has over 2,200 employees working in 9 production facilities worldwide. Wago has 16 operations and 30 distributors around the globe.

NCE is proud to be the official Wago distributor in Hong Kong.
(In Wago's Companies and Representatives Worldwide webpage, NCE is listed under Asia\Hong Kong.)

WAGO Videos on Youtube

WAGO Cage Clamp and TOPJOB S Demonstration

WAGO Cage Clamp Terminal Blocks Introduction

WAGO Cage Clamp Terminal Blocks Vibration and Pull Out Test
This video shows a vibration and pull-out test publicly and repeatedly performed in Elenexe 2008 exhibition. In the setup an indicator lamp is connected to power via Wago Cage Clamp Terminals. The connection wires are subject to pull-out force of 5kg while the terminal block is subject to severe vibration. Note that the green indicator lamps shows no flicker, meaning that the the connection is good.

WAGO 222 Connector Demonstration

Product Information

DIN Rail-Mount Terminals

DIN Rail Terminal
DIN Rail Terminal (Miniature)
DIN Rail Terminal (Power)
Multi-Deck Terminal
Fuse Terminal
C.T. Terminal
Diode Terminal

PCB Terminals

PCB Terminal (lever, top)
(Series 255)
PCB Terminal (lever, angled)
(Series 256)
PCB Terminal (lever, side)
(Series 257)
PCB Terminal (side)
(Series 218)
PCB Terminal
(Series 236)
PCB Terminal
(Series 804)
PCB Terminal (Double Deck)
(Series 736)
PCB Terminal (Disconnect)
(Series 742)
PCB Terminal
(Series 231)
PCB Socket and Plug
(Series 733)
PCB Header and Plug
(Series 252)
PCB Header and Plug
(Series 806)

Lighting, Capacitor and Transformer Termials

Ballast Terminal
(Series 251)
Ballast Terminal
(Series 214)
Ballast Terminal
(Series 270)
Capacitor Terminal
(Series 214)
Transformer Terminal
(Series 711)
Power Distribution Terminal
(Series 730)
Power Distribution Terminal
(Series 770)
Power Distribution Terminal
(Series 862)
Junction Box Terminal
(Series 222)
Junction Box Terminal
(Series 224)
Junction Box Terminal
(Series 273)
Junction Box Terminal
(Series 243)

Plug-in Terminal / Connector

MCS Connector
(Series 231)
MCS Connector
(Series 721)
XCOM Connector
(Series 769)
XCOM Connector
(Series 769)

Electronics Modules / Interface Module

Slim Relay
(Series 859)
Plug-in Function Modules
(Series 286)
Signal Converter (DIN Rail)
(Series 787)
Signal Converter (Plug-in)
(Series 786)
Relay Socket
(Series 788)
MCB-shape Relay
(Series 789)
Diode/Resistor Array
(Series 289)
Interface Module
(Series 289)

Wago Remote I/O Modules

Wago I/O System
(Series 750)
Profibus Coupler
(Series 750)
Modbus Coupler
(Series 750)
Industrial PC
(Series 758)
I/O Module
(DI, DO, AI, AO, etc.)
I/O Module (IP67)
(DI, DO, AI, AO, etc.)
Setup / Development Software
Wago I/O Compact System
(Series 752)

Overvoltage Protection / Surge Arrester (for power line)

Surge Arrester (Heavy Duty)
(Series 792)
Surge Arrester (DIN Rail)
(Series 280-xxx/281-xxx)
Surge Arrester (Plug-in)
(Series 286)
Surge Arrester (DIN Rail)
(Series 792)

Power Supply

Switching Power Supply
(Series 787)
Linear Power Supply
(Series 288)
DC-DC Converter
(Series 289)


Marker / Label
(Series 209,793,794,248,264,249)
DIN 35 Rail
(Series 210)
(Series 216)
(Series 206,210)

To get more information on Wago products, please visit Wago official website:
Wago Website (International)
Wago Website (English)
Wago Worldwide Companies and Representatives List (NCE is listed under Asia\Hong Kong)
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